Home Goods
& Furnishings

Come and enjoy the best of our discoveries. We love to travel to remote locations seeking out those who produce excellent quality artisanal and traditional products. We place great value on the attention to detail paid by fine craftspeople, and we are proud to uphold the principles of fair trade.

We offer products from high-end European artisans like handmade candles and teak furnishings from Denmark, fine porcelain and textiles from Belgium and France, and delicate perfumes from Italy. Additionally, there are traditional, rustic crafts from Latin America and North Africa. And of course we support our fine local and regional fabricators too…
Keep checking in as we continue to unveil our line of furniture designs produced locally under the UH label; furniture, planters, mirrors and other home accessories. Our team of local artisans are dedicated to producing heirloom quality work, often utilizing reclaimed and antique materials.

From timeless to trendy, fashion to function, we are always adding and changing inventory.