Herbs, Spices
& Teas

A glance down the menu of our herbs and spices is like a quick, savory trip around the world.
We are impassioned by nature’s expression of simple power through flavor, and we now offer what we believe are some of the world’s best herbs, spices and teas.
Always fair trade, and organic whenever possible, these are not just food, but are often therapeutic products, the benefits and virtues of which are known to us through both ancestral wisdom and modern science.
Come in and spend some time smelling, tasting and sampling; offer us the benefit of your intuition as we continue building our library of flavors and remedies. Do you have a favorite tea from the remote reaches of Ecuador? Or a chili powder from Rajastan? We’d love to source it for you. What was the tea your grandmother made you when your throat was sore? We’d like to offer it here.
We believe the spices can educate us — for cooking, for blending, and for healing.