Fine Textiles
& Linens

We have a passion for finding the finest woven products from around the world. Whether the finished fabrics are exceedingly fine or gloriously rustic, they share a common ethos; they are made traditionally, with great pride and attention to detail.

Our cashmeres and wool throws are meticulously produced at a 7th generation Provencal mill, known for its excellence and mark of distinction: a French ‘savoir-faire’ label, or EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant). The highest quality animal fibers are imported from their ideal growing conditions all over the world: Peruvian and Bolivian Llama and Alpaca, Iranian and Mongolian Cashmere, and French and Australian Merino sheep, etc.

Our supple linen is traditionally produced in Belgium, and it is available in a range of different textures, colors and designs that take furnishings, table dressings, and interiors to another level.

We also travel to various parts of Latin America to directly import fair trade textiles made traditionally by indigenous Americans. Our Mexican, Uruguayan and Argentine products are made at a village level. Unlike the more refined European crafts, these products are hand loomed, often undyed or naturally vegetable dyed, and hand woven, so there is an unmistakable “wabi-sabi” quality to them– an unevenness, rusticity– what we consider divine imperfection.

And we offer a very limited selection of designs from House of Embroidery of Madame Edith Mezard in France.
Mme Mezard’s work is made meticulously, slowly, and each piece is unique. The finished products are stunningly elegant, as those who are educated in the matter will attest.
She has provided fine custom embroidered linens for many royal houses. While visiting France we fell in love with her work and atelier based in Lumieres.

UH also locally produces home goods from our fine European linen. Bespoke table linens, upholstery, curtains, pillows and bedcovers are all available.
For custom orders please contact the store.