Fine Food
& Delicacies

First time visitors to the store who love fine food will find a haven of delicacies from around the world, with a focus on artisanal, whole and small batch foods – organic whenever possible.

Here you’ll find an excellent selection of dry goods representing the best of Europe, North America and North Africa, including estate grown olive oils, aged Balsamic vinegars, exceptional truffles and some of the world’s finest infusions and extracts. And cheese! An excellent selection of some of the world’s finest is always available.

And we feel very fortunate to offer some of the best handmade pastries from NYC, delivered to our North Salem location daily.
Artisan breads, croissants and more from Balthazar, Ceci-Cela, Amy’s… Our bread selection alone is worth the visit!

Also, prepared foods from Sandy Balanza; daily take-out menus, pies, soups and more, all made with love for organic ingredients. Vegan selections are also available.

We continue to build relationships with local farmers in order to raise awareness and provide locally grown food; cage free organic eggs, grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken, pork, dairy products and more.

And new items are always being brought in as we continue our search for the finest items available.